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 Golden Retriever


Bred originally in the late 19th century in Scotland as a working gundog to retrieve game over land and water the Golden Retriever is still widely used in the field today.

Considered a large breed the Golden Retriever is a beautifully balanced dog that requires regular exercise, socialization and a commitment to grooming and brushing.

It is a friendly loving dog with a positive temperament that will devote its life to pleasing its human family. It is highly intelligent, loves children and has no problems mixing with other dogs or household pets.

The Golden Retriever is bred in any shade of cream or gold, it has a dense water resistant undercoat with a flat or wavy topcoat lying close to the body, it has natural feathering on the front of the neck, the back of forelegs and underbody and the back of thighs and underside of tail.

The Golden Retriever is a hardy no-nonsense dog and will go through life with relatively few health problems however the breed it is not without its share of known hereditary conditions and a Golden Retriever puppy should never be considered unless it is purchased from a registered breeder that can show certification that both the sire and dam of the litter have been tested for hereditary conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia, and have clear heart and eye certificates.

A pack animal, the Golden Retriever must learn its place in the hierarchy, respect all members of the family, be taught basic household manners and fit in with your routine. It is easily controlled with a sensible training program that will set the standard for the rest of its life.

The Golden Retrievers versatility sees it taking part in all aspects of canine competition with great success, they are used extensively by the Guide Dog Associations and have become an important part of aid organizations as well as regular visitors to hospitals and aged care facilities where their soft beauty and gentle nature make them an invaluable element of therapy.