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Phileni Jody Pearman

19th July 1993 - 1st June 2006
Hip score 3-2 elbows 0-0

Where do you begin to say thank you to such a loyal and loving companion as we found in our Jody.

Bred specifically by Jeni Schwebel from her Phileni Kennels in 1993 for our son Ben, a troubled little nine year old with special needs, Jody would wait for him to get off the school bus and they would lay together for hours in her kennel as he poured out his heart and cuddled into her.

Never formally trained, Jody asked for nothing and yet gave so much, she was like an old soul who had been here before and we wanted desperately to maintain this beauty within.

Jody lived for Ben and he for her as they grew older together and so it was a very proud young man who came with me to the Golden Retriever Specialty show in May 2006 to help present her in the Veterans Parade. Jody entered the ring to such a huge round of applause from our close friends who knew of the impact she had made to our lives and we will be eternally grateful to them for helping create such wonderful memories of that day.

Sadly Jody died just three weeks later without even telling us she was not feeling well and left Ben without his soul mate but with the comfort and knowledge that there is a little bit of Phileni Jody Pearman in every Elljoa golden retriever puppy that we produce.

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