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Therapy Dogs

Elljoa kennels is honoured and proud to have been entrusted with the opportunity to offer carefully selected loving puppies to families and children with special needs over the years with amazing results for the children and everyone involved in the journey.


On very rare occasions we have been blessed to have been able to offer our mature retired dogs as much loved companions to those more precious family members in our life that would prefer not to introduce a young puppy into their home but with the right support network still have so many reasons to live independently and cannot imagine life without a Golden Retriever beside them to do it with.

Hi Eunice

Just wanted you to know Grace is 12 today and in excellent condition for her age.
Like Mum who is coming up to 96 in November she is slowing up a bit but still gets excited when Celia, her dog walker comes round 3 times a week to take her for a run.

Mum now has to use a walker most of the time but still manages to walk Grace up and down the road a couple of times a week to chat to the neighbours.

Hope you and your family are all keeping well.